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#Clickforhope | Celebrating Awesome Dads

As you may know my story, I was raised by a single mom. At 16 years old I walked through a forgiveness journey with my dad. Now 17yrs later, I have a completely restored and loving relationship with my father. I've also been married to my husband for 10yrs who is an amazing father to my 3 girls and while he also was raised by a single mom, he hasn't allowed his past circumstances to stop him from being fully present and being the best dad ever!!!

I'm looking to do 25-5 min sessions with dad's and their littles showcasing them doing all the fun things dads do, and 5 full stories to be featured on our blog. Let's show the world how awesome dads are.

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#Clickforhope | Breaking the Silence

If you are a survivor of sexual abuse, assault or violence please consider sharing your story! It's time to break the silence and bring a face to the stats. To give people a chance to see how our society and culture hasn't created a safe space to share such deep personal stories. I'm looking to photograph 4-6 women of all ages, sizes, and races.

All stories will be selected by Feb. 21st.

Please submit your story here:

All details are below:

-Shoot includes a complimentary individual session, and a group session at the end.      (digital files will be delivered electronically)

-Everyone is required to be a part of the group session

-Makeup services will be provided

-Individual session is 15-20mins long

-Group session is about 30min-1hr

-Location: Chicago,IL (exact studio will be announce at a later date)

-Must sign a model release form stating that we can use your likeness on our blog, social media and potentially over media outlets. And a statement stating that your story is true.

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to Jan 31

#Clickforhope | A Story of loss, grieving, mourning

When we lose someone we love: a spouse, a parent, a child, an unborn child, a new normal is to be found. Everyone handles loss differently, and #Clickforhope desires to photograph it in the most unintrusive way possible, like a fly on the wall. Where raw emotion is welcomed, no words are to be spoken, but simply allowing yourself to be seen in the midst of such pain and agony. We are looking to feature 6-10 stories throughout 2017.

These sessions will take place on an individual bases, and on-location, whether in your home, or a location that you love.

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