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Jasmine LopezComment
“I am a living example of how a single mom can persevere and provide an excellent life for herself and her children.”
— Cheri Pesina

Please share your story:

When my daughter was two years old, her father and I split up, and we didn't really hear from him for two years. Since then, he has been in her life on and off, but mostly off. When he was gone, he tried to avoid paying child support and Olivia and I lost our home. We ended up moving in with my parents and she found a good male role model in her grandfather. Two years later we moved out into our own place and we've been doing well. Two weeks ago, Olivia's wonderful male role model, her papa, went home to heaven.

Olivia is a talented goalkeeper on a travel soccer team at the age of eight. Many people who see her often referred to her as the best basketball keeper they've ever seen. Two days after her papa died, she scored five goals in one game and made countless saves. Her team remains undefeated in all regulation games and tournament games. I have been coaching her soccer teams for four years now. I tried to be a good role model by being a goalkeeper on a women's team myself and making sure we exercise regularly, eat healthy, and value education. When I was a newly single mother I was working full-time, training for a marathon, and kept Straight A's all through grad school. Recently, I was nominated for a Golden Apple award and also received my School districts highest achievement for teachers, The Jerry Morin Award for Educational Excellence. I am a living example of how a single mom can persevere and provide an excellent life for herself and her children.

How has your story shaped who you are today?: My story has taught me and others around me that you can achieve anything through hard work, determination, and most of all ... LOVE!

What compelled you to share your story?: I want to share my story of success and inspire other moms. I want them to know that no matter what color or age you are, if you persevere, you can have a wonderful life and so can your children.

What encouraging words would you give to someone who shares a similar story?:

I would tell them that it is up to you to shape your story. You are the one who writes it. You are the one who is responsible for how you live out the rest of your life and and what kind of person you choose to be for your child. You can be their hero. You can be both mom and dad!