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Bible Study // Day 1

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I know sharing our stories can be scary. I cling onto James 5:16. It's my favorite verse and it's my "why" for starting #clickforhope. We'll be studying this verse more over the next few days...but let's meditate on this part of the verse : "Confess your faults to one another." To "confess" means to "acknowledge." It also says "to one another," which means the acknowledging of our own faults to ourselves is not simply enough. There's power in community and being able to share a part of ourselves to someone else. So today lets ask God to place someone on our hearts to share our stories with. Maybe a friend, a family member or even a counselor. There's power in sharing...and when we do it it opens up our hearts and allows healing to come'll see how tomorrow for Day 2. I'm praying for you who reads this and look forward to these next 10 days!

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