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Single Mom | Stephanie

Single ParentsJasmine LopezComment

Please share a bit of your story:

I am a single Mom to an awesome 4 year old girl. Although being a single parent was something I never intended on being, it’s how my life turned out being and despite the sadness that came out of that situation, my daughter and I live a VERY happy life.

What/who is your inspiration?

My daughter motivates me and other hard working single moms inspire me.


How has your story defined or not defined who you are today?

I have not let me becoming a single Mom define who I am and plan to be in the future. I have too much that I still want to achieve in life.

Why should your story be selected to be featured on our blog?

I believe that my story, if chosen, would be able to help and inspire other women going through something similar. It’s always a great feeling when you see that other people know what you are going through and you can relate to them.

What encouraging words would you give to someone who shares a similar story?

Sometimes certain things happen in life that we don’t plan for or understand, but we have to believe that those negative situations help to put us on a path for something greater and that positive things are to come .