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Please share your story: : Brandon and I have been married for 7 years this August! About two years into our marriage we decided we were ready to try for our first baby. After about a year of struggling to conceive we decided to see a doctor about why it might be taking so long. I come from a family of 6 kids and never imagined that we would have trouble conceiving. Little did we know at that appointment that we would struggle with infertility for three more years. We did testing, treatments, and finally after four years of disappointment, heartache, and lots of growing we welcomed a beautiful baby boy into our family. Dash was a baby bathed in prayer well before he was even born and we knew that God was designing one special little man in our waiting. Even though the journey was long and hard, now that we have him we would have waited many more years if that was what it took to have our little man in our arms. His name represents the "dash" in our lives... because it doesn't really matter when you were born or when you die, its how you live your life and what you did during the "-" that really matters. And we believe that our little Dash has an amazing life to live and know that he's going to do big things for the Lord.

How has your story shaped you into who you are today?: The biggest thing we learned through our journey is how important it is to trust God's plans, even when they don't make sense. See on paper having a baby 4 years ago made perfect sense. We had great jobs, savings, a home, things seemed just right for starting a family! Then we left our jobs, spent our savings, and moved across the country and ended up pregnant... the timing seemed so off! But God continually showed us and still does that his plan and his timing are perfect! I still struggle with remembering that when we face hard times but I just have to look back at his faithfulness and look down at Dash to remember how truly good God is.

Why were you compelled to share your story?: Infertility can be a scary word and one that is not talked about much. By sharing our story I hope to reach those struggling with the questions of why can't we start a family? And let them know they are not alone.

What encouraging words would you give to someone who shares a similar story?: Trust God's plan... even when it seems like your hopes and dreams couldn't be farther from coming true. Also, talk about it! The support I got from family and close friends helped me get through some really hard times.