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Bible Study // Day 7

Bible StudyJasmine LopezComment

The more and more we share our stories, the less power they will hold over us. Those feelings of shame, condemnation, hate, not being enough, and so many others, will hold no ground. Revelation 12:11 is a powerful verse. It says, “ They triumphed over him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony.” Who is They? We are! And who is him? The enemy. So we triumphed over the enemy by the blood of the lamb…which is Jesus when came to Earth, bore all sin, died on the cross, and raised 3 days later. We also overcome by the word of our testimony. The more and more we share the evidence of what Jesus did for us, we take the power back from the things we experienced that were "bad" and we get to see how Jesus makes it into good.
My prayer is that as you begin to share your stories that you would begin to the experience the freedom that comes in sharing them! May the truth set you free!!! #clickforhope #biblestudy #instadaily #scripture #faith #shareyourstory #yourstorymatters #changetheworld #bethechange #overcome #freedom #truth