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Bible Study // Day 8

Bible StudyJasmine LopezComment

The story of Paul is my most favorite story in the bible. For me when I first read it, it helped me to see that all the things I had done and experienced didn't change how much God loves me!! That He could still use and call me for something great! His story can be found in Acts starting at chapter 9. Paul who was once Saul goes through an experience on Damascus road. So much so that it forever changes his life. In short, He went from persecuting believers to becoming a follower of Jesus, and as a result led a movement in sharing Jesus to the gentile community. He did so by sharing his story and also in performing many miracles. When we share our stories it points to how God has changed our lives. Take a moment to reflect on how much your life has been transformed. You are no longer your old self, you are a new creation. Thank you Jesus for transforming us! #clickforhope #biblestudy #biblescripture