Click For Hope

Bible Study // Day 9

Bible StudyJasmine LopezComment

Did you know that the Bible talks about light over 200 times? Did you also know that photography means "written light"? When I learned this a few years ago I immediately had a sense of responsibility to use my talent for something greater. I was using light to write stories but yet I knew nothing about my clients and their actual stories. I left my sessions feeling empty and knew I needed it to change....#Clickforhope was officially created in 2012 although I had already been giving back sessions. My first give back was actually with a lady who's name was Sally. It was the first time I knew someone battling cancer. I felt compelled to photograph her and with her permission she came to my studio for a session. My friend did her makeup and we embarked on a photo shoot that would forever change my life. She spoke so well and shared her story so beautifully. She shared where she failed as a person and she knew this was her second chance to make things right. She smiled as she spoke and the more and more we spoke, a new found confidence exuded her...this light radiated from her. As we were finishing her session I mustered up the courage to ask if she'd be willing to take off her scarf. You see in the midst of her battle she had never done that, at least not in public. She took a deep breath, and looked at me with such love and softly nodded her head as she took it off. As she did, I knew I had one chance to get it right and maybe I didn't get it perfect, but what I saw in the photo was a new found freedom in her story. She used her light to expose the ugly parts, the parts that she was ashamed of, the parts she had no control over and the parts she had to surrender but knew that in sharing them she would be free. Matthew 5:14 says you are the light of the world--like a city on a hilltop that can not be hidden. How will you use your light? #Clickforhope #shareyourstory #light #encourage #yourstorymatters #legacy #changetheworld