Click For Hope

Forte Wayne | Meet Tera

Jasmine LopezComment

We setup our little mobile studio in Forte Wayne Indiana as we closed out our #Clickforhope tour and invited the guests of the Wild and Free book tour to come and take a photo and share their story if they wanted. Most chose to do a fun photo. Then I met Tera. She was a little bashful, but very sweet. She walked into the little mobile studio and allowed me to take her photo where she showcased a sweet smile with a missing tooth. 

She openly began to share her story....."Well, six months ago I found myself homeless," she began to say as I started taking notes, "A place called Safe Haven took me in and I'm excited because I'm at a place where I can have my own apartment again. I will be moving into it in a few short weeks." 

My heart felt nothing but joy and compassion for her.  I don't know her circumstances or what caused her to be homeless, but I'm so grateful for places like Safe Haven that was able to bring her in and provide her a safe place to live while she transitioned into being able to get her own place again.

After the event, she came up to me again thanking me for taking her photo. She glances at it and says," You know, it's taken me a long time to accept my smile because of my one missing tooth. I use to hide it, but now....I don't mind showing it!" 

Tera, I pray and hope that this next season of your life is one full of many amazing opportunities and blessings for you! That you would get to see how much God loves you in all of the details, both small and large. I hope that He uses you to be a light, and to show many out there all that He's doing through you. May you bring hope and love to those you encounter!