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Reflecting on 2016...

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Have you ever gotten into a funk and allowed your thoughts to bring you further into that dark hole?!? Well, I must admit that is me most times. While on these trails, I hear a voice that sounds much like mine, that says….."Jaz…..don’t do this! Stop right here.” Sometimes I listen, most times I don't. Well on this particular evening, I was doubting myself, questioning why I’m doing #Clickforhope?!? Before I knew it, I was trailing down this never ending feeling of not being enough, that I'm not making an impact, and am wasting my time.

Then that voice spoke louder than ever and said, “Just stop…..think of all that you’ve accomplished! Stop and actually think about it."

I was immediately convicted, and began to shift my mind on ALL  of the amazing things we were able to do this year and I want to share them with you. I have no desire to boast, but to simply point out all that God has done through this blog. I feel inadequate, and so small, but I believe it’s through my willingness and obedience that HE is able to do BIG things, and for that I am grateful. I’m grateful that I get to be His vessel to share the power of our stories. I’m grateful for our storytellers that were courageous enough to share a piece of them in such a real and honest way. I’m grateful that I got outside of my own head and shared more of my own personal story and journey of forgiveness, in embracing who I am, and my marriage. 

Here's a full list of ALL that we did in 2016!!!

We photographed and shared 35 stories on our blog and on Instagram.

We partnered with a bunch of amazing vendors/friends to help create an amazing experience for all of our storytellers. I'm forever grateful for you ladies!!!

We hosted 2 campaigns to bring forth awareness for Alopecia and Breast Cancer.

We did our first national tour in May 2016, as we traveled to Nashville, Louisville, and Fort Wayne photographing stories in each city.

We got to witness a group woman who share a similar story, join forces, be in community and see healing take place. 

We launched an online store with inspirational t-shirts and jewelry.

We hosted our first fundraiser.

Wow....isn't that amazing!?!?! Sometimes lies will try to take root in our thoughts, and we have to combat them with truth!!! I'm so excited for that voice that challenged me to reflect and to focus on the TRUTH. I'm all the more excited for 2017 and all that it's going to bring. Here's to being brave, bold and courageous in 2017!!!!


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