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Single Mom | Vanessa

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Please share a bit of your story:

My name is Vanessa, I am 22 years old and a mother of two.  I have a 4yr old daughter as well as a 2yr old.

What/who is your inspiration?

My children are and will always be. They are my hope, strength, inspiration they are my whole reason why.

How has your story defined or not defined who you are today?

Bad decisions as a teen landed me to where I am now. My girls changed me for the better I am forever grateful of the woman I had to become for them.

Why should your story be selected to be featured on our blog?

I am a single mother of two. I have a child with hearing loss and new to this is exhausting. I’d love to share my story and the changes I am facing with this. There is so many things unknown. It’s hard to understand and hard to cope. But I stay strong.

What encouraging words would you give to someone who shares a similar story?

Being a single parent is a tough job as it is but our children need us to be there for everything. Keep strong, never give up believe in God and prayer and all things will get better.

Single Mom | Stephanie

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Please share a bit of your story:

I am a single Mom to an awesome 4 year old girl. Although being a single parent was something I never intended on being, it’s how my life turned out being and despite the sadness that came out of that situation, my daughter and I live a VERY happy life.

What/who is your inspiration?

My daughter motivates me and other hard working single moms inspire me.


How has your story defined or not defined who you are today?

I have not let me becoming a single Mom define who I am and plan to be in the future. I have too much that I still want to achieve in life.

Why should your story be selected to be featured on our blog?

I believe that my story, if chosen, would be able to help and inspire other women going through something similar. It’s always a great feeling when you see that other people know what you are going through and you can relate to them.

What encouraging words would you give to someone who shares a similar story?

Sometimes certain things happen in life that we don’t plan for or understand, but we have to believe that those negative situations help to put us on a path for something greater and that positive things are to come .

Infertility | The R Family

Infertility, ClickforhopeJasmine LopezComment

What is your story?

Matthew and I got married in 2011 and planned on waiting to have children. After a year and a half of being married, we prayed and decided to try to have a baby. For about a whole year we couldn’t get pregnant and even had a miscarriage. We decided to stop trying and made an appointment with a fertility doctor. Around December of 2013 we said we would leave it in God’s hands and we had many people praying for us. My fertility appointment was set for January 31st and I was set to be put on fertility drugs. The morning of my appointment, I decided to take a pregnancy test due to not feeling well the past week. And what do you know, it was POSITIVE! That very instant I called and canceled my apt, God had answered our prayer. Since that day its been a roller coaster of events. The first doctor’s appointment was to confirm the pregnancy. Second, was finding out we were having twins, third having twin girls, and then fourth identical twin girls. When it got closer to my due date around 29 weeks we were told the girls were not gaining the proper weight and I needed steroid shots in case they arrived early. Again we trusted in God and prayer. The girls and I were monitored very careful after that and we expected them to come any day. At 36 weeks and 6 days I had a another doctor’s appointment to see how things were going, and I had my scheduled c-section for that following Monday. I explained to my doctor some symptoms I was having, and she took a test and came back to me saying I would be meeting my girls that very day! My water had broken for one of the girls the previous night without me knowing it. I was shocked and excited. We headed to the hospital and had my girls that night via c-section at 8:04 & 8:05 pm. The trial wasn’t over yet. After having the girls they were sent to the NICU for being prematurely born. Ava was on a feeding tube and Vivi had a breathing episode. Along with that, I was having anemia issues and needed a blood transfusion. I knew I had to be strong for the girls and God gave my husband the strength to get through it as well. They also explained to me that the girls needed to stay in the NICU for a while and maybe one would stay longer than the other. I was in the hospital for a total of 5 days. Ava finally was off the feeding tube and came home with me the day I was discharged, but Vivi had to stay two extra days in the  NICU. I was heartbroken but knew it was for the best. The very next day after we came home I received a call saying that Vivi can come home and we could go pick her up! Both girls are gaining the proper weight now and we are all adjusting well. We all went through a huge trial but came out victorious!

What encouraging words would you tell someone going through a similar story?

It may seem impossible for things to happen but it’s all in God’s time. I’ve learned that it doesn’t come when we want it. I believe there is purpose and a reason for all things. I believe to make us stronger, wiser, patient, and to minister to others going through the same thing. So be patient and don’t give up hope…..because I’m living proof that miracles can and do still happen.

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